Tuesday 31 December 2013

International Journal of E-Planning Research (IJEPR) - REVIEWERS 2013


Andy  Inch,  Department  of  Town  and  Regional Planning, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Ann Rudinow Saetnan, Department of Sociology and Political Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Anthony Brazel, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, Arizona State University, USA

Arthur Tatnall, School of Management and Information Systems, Victoria University, Australia

Barney Warf, Department of Geography, University of Kansas, USA

Bert  Blocken,  Department  of  the  Built  Environment,  Eindhoven  University  of  Technology,  The Netherlands

Christina von Haaren, Institut fuer Umweltplanung, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

Christopher  Slobogin,  Law  School,  Vanderbilt University, USA

Gabriel Dupuy, Institute of Geography, Université Paris I, France

Ian Bishop, Department of Infrastructure Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Jon Corbett, Community, Culture and Global Studies & Centre for Social, Spatial & Economic Justice, University of British Columbia Okanagan, Canada

Jonathan  A.  Obar,  Department  of  Telecommunication,  Information  Studies  and  Media  &  Quello Center  for  Telecommunication  Management  and Law, Michigan State University, USA

Lech  J.  Janczewski,  Department  of  ISOM,  The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Malcolm Tait, Department of Town and Regional Planning, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Marcos  Moloeznik,  University  of  Guadalajara, Mexico

Mark Somers, New Jersey Institute of Technology & Rutgers Business School, USA

Marta Mourão Kanashiro, Laboratory of Advanced Studies  in  Journalism,  University  of  Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil

Mike  Barry,  Department  of  Geomatics  Engineering, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada

Nancy Obermeyer, Indiana State University, USA

Nathan Perkins, Environmental Design and Rural Development, University of Guelph, Canada

Olaf Schroth, Department of Landscape, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Pádraig Wims, School of Agriculture and Food Science, University College Dublin, Ireland

Richard Klosterman, University of Akron, USA

Richard M. Levy, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, Canada

Rodrigo  José  Firmino,  Postgraduate  Program  in Urban Management, Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil

Ron van Lammeren, Centre for Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Roy Coleman, School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Sarah Jo Peterson, Urban Land Institute, USA

Soon Ae Chun, College of Staten Island, The City University of New York, USA

Stuart Charters, Department of Applied Computing, Lincoln University, New Zealand

Sudeshna Chatterjee, Ansal University, India

Teal Triggs, School of Communication, Royal College of Art, United Kingdom

Tsuyoshi  Honjo,  Department  of  Environmental Science  and  Landscape  Architecture,  Faculty  of Horticulture, Chiba University, Japan

Wagner Costa Ribeiro, Department of Geography, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Wolfgang  Hoeschele,  Department  of  Society  & Environment, Truman State University, USA